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Venu Perla, Founder & President, SAS User Group for CDISC (
Venu Perla, PhD

Venu Perla, Ph.D. is a SASĀ® Certified Advanced Programmer, Clinical Trials Programmer and Statistical Business Analyst for SAS 9. Dr. Perla is also a biomedical researcher with about 14 years of research and teaching experience in an academic environment. He served the Purdue University, Oregon Health & Science University, Colorado State University, West Virginia State University, Kerala Agricultural University (India),  and Mangalayatan University (India) at different capacities. Dr. Perla has published 15 scientific papers and 2 book chapters, obtained 1 international patent on orthopaedic implant device, gave 10 talks and presented 18 posters at the national and international scientific conferences during his professional career. He presented several SAS papers at the CDISC, SESUG, PhilaSUG and CinSUG conferences. Dr. Perla was invited to serve as an editorial board member for several national and international scientific journals. He was trained in CDISC standards, clinical trials and clinical data management. Dr. Perla received his doctorate degree from Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI), New Delhi. Currently, he is actively employing SAS programming techniques in clinical research.