Advisory Committee Member

Philip R. Holland, Advisory Committee Member, SAS User Group for CDISC (
Dr. Philip R Holland 

Dr. Philip R Holland, Holland Numerics Ltd, Royston, Herts, UK, has over 30 years experience of working with SAS software.  Having started in 1981 as an MVS Systems Programmer for the University of London Computer Centre (ULCC), he moved on to Prudential Assurance where, as an MVS Systems Programmer and Performance Analyst, he was the company’s SAS technical support representative.  His third and final permanent SAS position as a Capacity Planner to Centrefile ended in 1992, when he formed his own consultancy company, Holland Numerics Ltd.  Since then he has provided SAS technical consultancy and training in the financial, retail and pharmaceutical sectors in the UK, Belgium, Holland, Germany and USA.

He is an enthusiastic software developer, not only using SAS, but also Perl, Java, JavaScript and Visual Basic.  A recent project has been to develop SAS-related eBook apps for Android devices, as well as Google Chrome and Chromium browsers.  He has presented papers on a wide range of SAS‑related topics at SAS user conferences and seminars in the UK, Europe and the US.  His first book, “Saving Time and Money Using SAS”, was published in 2007, and his second, “Power User’s Guide to SAS Programming”, was published in 2008, both are collections of themed solutions to make better use of the SAS components you already license.  His third book, “Power User’s Guide to SAS Graph Templates”, was published in 2013.  His fourth book, “SAS Programming and Data Visualization Techniques”, was published in 2015. He was also awarded a SAS Lifetime Achievement Award at the SAS Forum UK in 2017.