Submit Abstract

Author Instructions
  1. Login before submitting your abstract.
  2. If you are a new user, register your profile and login to submit your abstract from ‘Abstract Dashboard‘.
  4. Presenter preferences: Oral-15 min, Oral-20 min, Oral-30 min, Oral-45 min and Oral-60 min.
  5. While submitting your abstract, the presenter must enclose his/her biography related to educational and/or professional background. Make sure to furnish details about your previous oral presentations.  
  6. While submitting your abstract, enclose your professional photo (optional).
  7. Restrict your abstract to 250 words.
  8. You will receive emails from the SUGCDSC after your submission(s) and status change.
  9. After acceptance of your abstract, please follow these steps to submit your slides (PPT format) and final paper (PDF/Word/RTF format) on ‘Abstract Dashboard‘ : Login > Abstract Dashboard > Click on ‘+New Abstract’ > Fill the details and attach files>Submit
  10. Your abstract, presentation and final paper are subject to copyright laws. 
  11. You are required to submit your slides and final paper one month prior to the conference date.
  12. Last date for submission of abstracts: May 31, 2018. Extended upto July 21, 2018.
Author Terms & Conditions
  1. All the oral presentations will get financial support from the SUGCDSC.
  2. Only one author from each oral presentation will get financial support from the SUGCDSC.  
  3. No author will get more than one financial support for each conference.
  4. In order to get financail support, authors must submit their final paper before the oral presentation (Please refer author instructions). 
  5. No author will be given financial support without physically presenting his/her paper at the conference. 
  6. Financial support to authors is contingent upon the availability of sufficient funds and resources.
  7. SUGCDSC may not be able to store or track the rejected abstracts.
  8. All the terms and conditions of the SUGCDSC are also applicable to the authors.
  9. For any unforeseen reasons, if the conference is postponed, preponed or cancelled, the SUGCDSC will not provide any financial support to the authors. 
  10. Terms and conditions are subjected to change without prior notice.